Wooden that be nice Realising the beauty in wood


Wood is all round us in so many different forms and has so many different uses in our daily lives, it may be that you like the practical aspects of the species of wood or simply the beautiful grain.

For me, it’s all that rolled into one. The grain can sometimes shout out what it wants from you, and then it’s the natural form that I take into consideration – these enable me to create something unique. 

I’m sure if, like me, you enjoy the outdoors you’ll enjoy getting outside, this may be listening to the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore or walking in a nearby wood and enjoying the stillness. It’s in these places that I find myself coming across pieces of wood that are longing to be something new and I am still in awe when I find the patterns and grain that nature has carved into the pieces, knowing that I will never find another individual piece like this again.