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Fathers love letter

Thank you for deciding to stop here. I hope you have a short time to watch and be blessed by the words on this video.

Many years ago, this video was shared with me and became quite a powerful message that I still look at every now and again.  The words were written so long ago but spoke to me, in a way that I hadn’t heard before.

Can I encourage you today to take a minute and allow yourself a bit of time to invest and maybe take up the challenge to ponder on something a little different today.

You may know from either knowing me personally or chatting with me at a stall that I am a Christian and I am comfortable sharing my experiences from my life.  I believe God is the source of my creativity and gifted hands. 

I haven’t always been a Christian and even after I chose to follow God, there was a time when I felt I could live without Him in my life.

During that time I felt I had it together….until it fell apart!  I felt I could deal with life alone and nobody knew me enough to help (I was married with a daughter)..still I felt the same and distanced myself.

That led on to some mental health issues and frequent visits to professionals in that field of work.

Many years went by and I can say with my head held high and my hands raised even higher that Jesus never left me in those times. 

He kept me safe.  Sometimes in life we need to be carried! The thing is Jesus never pushes himself on us and wants nothing more than to give his love freely with no strings attached!

I said that I felt alone like nobody knew me enough but I forgot he was the one that knitted me in my mother’s womb and he says he knows the number of hairs on my head (even though he’s subtracting the numbers now).

I am no longer on medication and I have found that if I keep my focus on him and allow him in I will never be alone.

I find sometimes today that my work and life places demands on me but the great thing is that I can hold his word in my heart and it still brings peace where there seems to be none.  Whenever I feel overwhelmed I know that I can be still and know that God is God!

May I encourage you to open up another tab on your browser and search either “what does the bible say about…” (enter your word choice i.e. love) or sign up for your nearest Alpha course (a great way to get the questions answered)

Remember God loves you as you are!

Thank you so much for reading until the end! If you ever visit one of my stalls say I read it until the end for a 10% discount!